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Rio Dulce – Day 18

Posted by | Evil Kristos | February 3, 2009 | No Comments

I don’t know what is wrong with me. I was in a perfect place with really nice people and of all things in the world I had to leave and go to Rio Dulce. May be I really should see a shrink. This was suggested to me in the past and I start to believe for valid reasons.

Well it´s too late now, let´s therefore talk about Rio f***ing Dulce. The town is situated on Lago Izabal and the setting in a way spectacular but quite frankly; the place is a dump. I gotta say I was really surprised. I had not expected that.

I stayed in an interesting place though; Tortugal Marina. The South American Handbook had given this place a glorious review so I was curious. You get there by boat which I liked. When I arrived however, I was not just a little surprised. May be the name would have given it away to other people but I certainly did not expect a fancy well … marina.

The place is spectacular but I did feel a bit out of place. And I did seem to be the only one that did not arrive with his own sailing boat. Strange that was.

The place itself is really pretty. The bungalows are spacious and built with great attention to detail. The whole complex was mostly built on stilts and just cute. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it expect that I ain’t no yard owner and I never will be.

This was only topped by the fact that I also was the only guy without a beard. Did this ever happen to you? You sit down in a place and everyone has a beard but you. It is bizarre. I guess the only thing that could possibly be any weirder is a place where everyone has a mullet. I guess that would be very entertaining. And then in the morning you wake up and have a mullet too. Oh god I hope I don’t grow a beard over night.

The weather was still bloody awful but I decided to give it a go anyways. A nice warm shower, a comfy bed, it could be worse. What I also decided was that there would be slight change of plans. I still wanted to check out Livingston but I decided to not waste any time on Lago Izabal and I would also skip the ruins in Copan.

I didn’t care how beautiful the lake is; unless Livingston would turn out to be an absolute spectacular place I would move straight to my last stop on this journey and take it easy there.

Castello in Rio Dulce

Castello in Rio Dulce

Lago Izabal

Lago Izabal

Lago Izabal

Lago Izabal


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