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Rain Check – Day 15

Posted by | Evil Kristos | February 1, 2009 | No Comments

I decided I need a day off. Travelling is fun but sometimes you also have to arrive and put your feet up. I don’t care what other people think of Flores. I like it. It is easy, has all the comforts a city slicker like me can ask for and most importantly: I was already there.

Sometimes you need to sit down and think. Ze Germans have an expression for it: Letting the soul dangle. There was something on my mind I always wondered about and was time to think it through.

Why is it that tall people can drink more than short people?

The easy answer would be that they have more body mass but that is no explanation. I would normally out drink a midget no matter how fat he is. I believe that there is more to it. It may have to do with something that many of our American friends deny: Evolution.

You see, when you are 6.2 ft and you fall, it really hurts. I reckon it is much more pleasant to hit the floor when you are very short. The taller you are the deeper the fall. When you smack your skull from 6 ft plus it’s actually dangerous and one of the most common reasons for this to happen is when you are hammered.

Evolution is all about survival of the fittest. I wouldn’t be surprised if with time only tall people that can take a few pints more would have the chance to reproduce (or at least a much better one) and this is how it happened. When you hit the floor with your head once to often you would end up dead or as a vegetable and unless your nurse is the mother of Garp (come one the book is not that bad) you’d be out of the race.

I should do some more research on the subject. I believe it is an interesting question that deserves to be answered.

That pretty much covers rain check I guess. I really didn’t do much during the day; bought a T-Shirt, laundry, a couple of beer, dinner … oh wait there was one thing and I totally forgot about it.

There is one good reason to spend a night in Flores other that just Tikal. I stayed in the hotel Done Goya 2 and they have pretty cool roof top. There are hammocks and some shade and you can watch the sunset. It is very pretty but that’s not it.

Towards sunset all the birds in town suddenly go nuts and start twittering. It’s quite a spectacle. There are hundreds if not thousands of them. With a bit of luck you can see them hunting insects. It’s really cool.

I was watching the sunset from my hammock and then suddenly against the sun I could see the shadowy figure of a bird snatching the shadowy figure of some sort of insect. You wouldn’t normally see it that well but because it was against the red light of the setting sun you could even make out the the tiny little insects. I hope it was one of these bloody mosquitoes. That was just cool.

I had forgotten about the birds. They are really noisy but it is a nice concerto and stops as sudden as it starts.


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