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Planing is everything

Posted by | Evil Kristos | January 22, 2009 | 2 Comments

I found my volcano. I want to climb Mt. Santa Maria. It’s 3772 m high which admittedly is a lot. In 1902 it wiped out most of the population of Quetzaltenango and even more important gave birth to a new volcano Santiaguito which today is considered the most dangerous volcano in the world. It is constantly spitting ash and sometimes lava. Why do I want to climb Santa Maria then? I’ll tell ya; it overlooks Santiaguito. That means you can see an active volcano from above without getting your feet hot or yourself burned or poisoned. It sounds awesome. All I need now is someone to carry me up there.

After yesterdays training day which didn’t give me much confidence I had to take it easy today. The problem weren’t my legs, it was my skin. The last two summers in Ireland have taken their toll. My skin hasn’t seen much sun the last two summers and you can tell. I am as white as the Venus of Milos but with arms and without the boobs. It may not be hot up here but the sun certainly is strong.

Despite me using sunscreen factor Irish abroad I was slightly reddish today. Since I am not Irish (I only live there) I decided to take it easy. A proper Irish (or English for that matter) would have fought fire with fire and go into the sun anyways but not me. I personally believe that this is not only stupid but it also doesn’t help and is stupid. I’m never short of excuses to not do anything but sunburn shall not stop me from taking on Santa Maria. I may come up with something else though.

Unlike all the other days it was pretty clear today. The view over the lake was better than ever. You could actually see all three volcanos including the tops. Mt. Atitlan -the highest of the three – is normally hard to make out. It hides to a certain extend behind Mt. Toliman but the bigger problem is the mist. All the other days Mt. Atitlan was hardly visible for that very reason. Today everything was different. The three majestic volcanos presented themselves in their full beauty. I could spend all day just sitting at the beach and watching them. The scenery is beautiful I could w… let’s change the subject.

Initially I had planned to go to Santiago on the other side of the lake and then San Pedro to spend the night. I’m not so sure anymore. I went over to San Pedro for a bit today. It looks pretty but since I decided to climb a different volcano there is hardly any point to spend the night. I don’t smoke weed and doing exactly that seems to be the main attraction.

Actually I was planning to go to Santiago but tried to avoid the midday sun. When I went to the port in early afternoon my man said that the boat to Santiago will only leave in one hour but I could go to San Pedro now and take a different boat from there. That sounded reasonably so I went. In San Pedro I found out that the only way to get to Santiago at that hour was a private hire. Bleedin’ bastards! You can’t trust anyone.

Well I had a look around in San Pedro instead and I also checked the villages on the way. San Pedro is quite alright or so it seems. It’s more pretty that Panajachel and it’s location on the foot of Mt. San Pedro is something special. I’d recommend it but with my time being rather limited I might just skip it.

On the west coast of the lake are a number of villages that are spectacular. Most popular seems to be San Marcos. Much better looking – and this has to do with the way they are built into a steep hill are Tzununa and Jaibalito. They look spectacular. I was told that the walk from Jaibalito to Santa Cruz is the best in the whole area. I was thinking about it but damn these mountains are high. There is no way I’m doing this on my own.

I think I made a decision; tomorrow morning I may or may not visit Santiago and then my next stop shall be Quetzaltenango. Or I’ll change my mind and go to San Pedro anyways. Let’s see how the weather is.

Sunset at Lake Atitlan

Sunset at Lake Atitlan

Sunset at Lake Atitlan

Sunset at Lake Atitlan

Sunset at Lake Atitlan

Sunset at Lake Atitlan


2 Responses to “Planing is everything”

  1. JD
    January 22nd, 2009 @ 11:42

    Are you trying to imply that the English (and Irish) would try your theory of idiotic ‘fire-with-fire’ approach to skin care in more clement climates?! I would have you know, sir, that I lived in Andalucia for over 5 years without turning so much as pink!

    The trick, it seems, is *not to go outside*.

    /stupid compared to what – climbing live volcanoes?
    //still not jealous…
    ///lying – very jealous 🙁

  2. amy
    January 24th, 2009 @ 22:37

    I’m enjoying your take on Guatemala, which is among my top three favorite countries. Glad yer having fun. Where next? Wish i wasn’t teaching this semester, I’d jump on a bus and come meet you.

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