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Monterrico – Day 21

Posted by | Evil Kristos | February 5, 2009 | No Comments

As I had anticipated I spent an uneventful night in Guatemala City. It took ages to find a working ATM and towards the end I was rather fed up. I don’t know who to blame for it, the Irish or the Guatemalan banks, but it really was a major pain in the hole to get some cash here. My bank card only has LINK and I can tell you one thing: It ain’t popular in Guatemala. I was successful at last but as I said, I was fed up.

The only thing more difficult than finding a working ATM was finding a shop that would sell beer. Again I run in circles and it really is true that Guatemala City shuts early. Most places were closed already and it was not even 8 PM.

What I noticed on that occasion was that Guatemala City seems to have more shoe shops than the entire rest of the world put together. It’s insane. They have no supermarkets but one shoe shop after another. What are they doing with all these shoes; brewing beer?

After a long struggle I was successful. I had enough. I retired early and watched a crap movie (The Marine – never ever watch it. It is bloody awful and watching it a sign of desperation.)

I had picked a different hotel just for a change. The Spring had been good but also quite expensive. Why not try something else? My first impression of the other place was pretty good. It was cheaper, looked as good and the guy at the desk was really helpful. I was satisfied; at least for the moment. I later found out that the “Colonial” was a poor choice on many levels.

The personell for example seemed bored. Apparently there was absolutely nothing to do and quite obviously they had either no idea that there were people sleeping in the place or no regards for it. I woke up at 7 AM because they had a chat in front of my door. That’s not exactly what I expect in a rather expensive place.

I tried to sleep a bit more since I was still knackered but it was easier said than done. By about 9 o’clock I gave up and checked out.

The guy at the front desk had assured me that in order to get to Monterrico I should go to Taxisco first. He told me that I for sure could get a bus there from Terminal. There even was a local bus that could get me to Terminal for literally nothing.

He was right about the local bus. It cost 20 cent and it did get me to Terminal. First I was suspicious. The thing didn’t exactly live up to it’s name. I didn’t see a single bus. I started looking.

I walked through the filthiest place I have seen so far an it was extremely dodgy. I am not nit picking here, walking in between passed out (or dead) people in the morning, hundreds of little stands and literally thousands of people shouting at me to buy something was not my idea of a good morning. I really wasn’t particularly happy since after 10 minutes I still hadn’t seen a single bus.

I asked a girl if this was Terminal and she nodded. So I asked if there are any busses. From what I understood she asked where I wanted to go. I told her and she didn’t know. I asked her where the busses leave and she gave me directions. I was sure I could take it from there.

Normally when you arrive at one of these bus terminals you just say where you want to go and someone will point you to the right bus. I did find the busses but they all shrugged when I said I want to go to Taxisco.

At some stage someone named a different bus station and someone else agreed. They said I should take a taxi. Well, I was in the middle of a filthy shit hole with literally a bunch of people following and harassing me so I gave in.

The thing that really annoyed me about it is that no matter how far you go in a taxi (in Guatemala City) it cost 50 Quetzales. I could have taken a taxi directly from the hotel and save myself all this trouble. I had no choice so I paid the price for my lack of knowledge. At least I didn’t get robbed, stabbed or beaten up.

After 5 minutes in a taxi and 50 Quetzales I was at the right bus station and cursed the clerk from the hotel. Stupid bastard; if he didn’t know why didn’t he say so?

Finally I was on a chicken bus and even by their standards it was a piece of shit. The conductor tried to fix something while we were driving and I could see his fingers that were covered in engine oil touching my backpack. I don’t mind regular dust and dirt on it but I didn’t really fancy the idea having it covered in oil and grease. It looked like it just wasn’t my day.

I arrived in Taxisco and once again I was lost. There is literally just the main road and no indication of any kind of local bus that could get me out of there. After freezing more or less everywhere I’ve been to in Guatemala it suddenly was hot as if hell had opened their gates. The southern planes are famous for the heat and I really didn’t mind but I was standing there with all my gear and I assure you: I was hot.

Some old guy asked me if I need a lift. I looked at him and asked how much that would be. He said 50 Quetzales. For all I knew it was quite a distance to the boat that would cover the last leg of the journey so I agreed.

It turned out to be even further than I had thought. For the distance we covered 50 Q (5 Euro) was actually alright.

And then there I was at some little landing stage in the middle of a mangrove swamp. This got better and better. The sun was burning. By the time I was at this little port it was about 1 PM.

From what I could understand the public boat would not go for another hour. I was in no mood to wait that long so I invested another 30 Q for a private hire. A good 20 minutes later I finally arrived at my destination.

Monterrico was – at first glance – an interesting place. The village was literally surrounded by nothing and bigger than I had thought. Since I’m a guy I refused to ask for directions and just followed the main road.

It ended at the beach and I still had not seen the place where I wanted to go. I again gave in and asked one of the kids that had followed me. I was close so I do not consider this a miss. Men don’t have to ask for directions!

I arrived at “Johnny’s Place” and sat down. The place was alright; what really impressed me was the Pacific. I had heard that the waves here are vicious but hearing it is on thing, seeing them another. You could feel the brutal force when they hit the beach and I said to myself: You better be careful here.

Monterrico Sunset

Monterrico Sunset

Monterrico - Sponsoring a Turtle

Monterrico - Sponsoring a Turtle

Monterrico waves in the sunset

Monterrico waves in the sunset


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