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Livingston – Day 19

Posted by | Evil Kristos | February 5, 2009 | No Comments

The boat from Rio Dulce was not exactly cheap but the trip was actually worth it. They give you some kind of tour and stop when there is something interesting. Lago Izabal is quite pretty and there was a lot of wildlife to be seen on the way – mostly birds – and some picturesque little villages on the lakes shore.

In some parts it is dotted with small little islands and of course there are plenty of boats and fishermen to be seen. I liked the trip and it took almost three hours to get to Livingston (that included a stop at the petrol station). In so far the 125 Quetzal are probably OK.

Livingston itself was quite charming. It is tiny but has this Caribbean flair. The beaches are rubbish but in many ways I liked the place. The people here look quite different. There are a few Guatemalan folks but the majority looks more Jamaican.

The whole place looks a bit run down but that might be the bit I liked most about it. It is shabby and in parts looks a little dodgy but it does also appear honest (well kind of). The place doesn’t pretend anything. If I got mugged here I probably wouldn’t even complaint about it. Especially the outskirts do look like a place you really shouldn’t go without a gun. I go anyways but that is mainly because I know how I come across.

Most people think I am friendly and even more people seem to think I do not worth the trouble mugging me. I probably should say: “knock on wood”. I just never had any trouble. I once spent a night in a village that not only looked like a pirates nest it probably was one. The next morning everyone on that boat had run into some kind of trouble. Every single person on the boat had been mugged or things had simply disappeared over night. Not me.

It probably had to do with me having a bit of an argument with the owner of the hotel the night before. I had called him a moron and a lying, treacherous bastard. The poor guy was about 5 ft (I am 6.2 ft) and probably a little bit afraid of me.

I was just really pissed off. When I checked in I had asked if they got electricity and they had said yes. Also they had electric switches and electric light in the rooms so I thought I’m set. When dawn came there was nothing. I asked the guys when they intend to switch on the electricity and they then said 8 AM. The boat from that place is leaving at 7 AM which they knew so I was a bit pissed off and felt ripped off. Every single house in the village was lit that night except the place where I stayed. That didn’t really help the other guys I guess. Despite my place being pitch black my stuff was still there the next morning.

That of course was a tale from another trip. Back then I guess I really didn’t give a shit.

Back to Livingston; I would have thought about staying for a day or two but the decision was made for me. There is only one ATM in town and that thing didn’t like my Laser Card. I had enough cash to get out of there but that was about it. Once again it was time to move on.



Livingston beach

Livingston beach

Livingston at sunset

Livingston at sunset


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