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Lanquin – Day 11

Posted by | Evil Kristos | January 29, 2009 | No Comments

As I mentioned before the hostel was extremely cool. On a little hillside next to a river they built a few huts. Downstairs they are dorms but there is a loft that you can rent as well. I went for the latter. You had to climb a steep ladder to get up there. Easier said than done with a backpack. I’m no good with heights and the hut was built on stilts (just to make it worse I guess). I managed to get up there but while I was climbing up I thought: You better don’t get drunk in this place.

In this hostel they also had a restaurant. It was built like a big bamboo hut and just next to the river. The food was expensive but well worth it. You had to pre-order dinner. They then set up a buffet and you can get stuffed. It was pretty cool.

The place was run by a Dutch fellow and we started to talk (euphemism for drink). He explained to me that the place was initially set up by an English guy and a Guatemalan partner. I had suspected something like that. The whole place was well thought through and the only other hostel that get’s even close to this place was run by an English guy. They seem to have an eye for details when it come to building these places.

Dennis and I had a great time getting absolutely bollocksed. He shared a few insights about living in Guatemala and it was rather pleasant. Some hostel managers get carried away when talking about their places; he didn’t. May be it was because he only run the restaurant.

The two partners that had built the place together fell out with each other and ended up dividing the business. The English guy kept the restaurant the local the hostel itself. It’s a pity because my impression was that because both sides want to make money the place is just a tiny little bit too expensive. They don’t really do a good package. Don’t get me wrong; the place is awesome.

I dined together with an American and an Israeli couple. To my biggest surprise both couples were really good company. Israelis are sometimes a bit edgy but these guys were fantastic. It was a very pleasant night and I personally don’t remember going to bed but this is where I woke up the next morning. God bless beer Gallo. This stuff is vicious.

No place is perfect so there indeed was a downside to this place as well. A) There is no ATM in town (what a genius I am for being lazy in Coban) and B) I got eaten alive by mosquitoes. These little feckers spoiled it a bit for me. Unfortunately it was the kind I am allergic to. It’s no the hostels fault of course and no one else seemed to have any problems it just annoyed me.

The plan for the day was visiting Semuc Champey. It is one of the biggest attractions in Guatemala and I was seriously looking forward to get there. Since I am lazy now you’ll have to wait for that part of the story.

El Retiro in Lanquin

El Retiro in Lanquin


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