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Flores – Day 13

Posted by | Evil Kristos | January 29, 2009 | No Comments

Again I woke up with some indeterminable bite and this time in my face. I had enough. I hopped on to the bus to Flores. This was the one place I have been to before and last time I quite liked it. Some people might say it is expensive, touristy and uncool but I don’t care. A comfortable bed with no mosquitoes and a warm shower appealed to me at this stage.

Crossing the River

Crossing the River

The trip on the van was hell. They had cramped 12 of us into this van and with the luggage on the roof the shitty old van was seriously overloaded. The suspension was screaming and it did so all the long way to Flores.

We arrived around four in the afternoon and the first thing I noticed was that something had changed. The heavily armed guards that used to be stationed on the little dam that connects Flores to the mainland had vanished and been replaced with a Burger King.

Flores itself was no different but they had done some building. I don’t know what it is but Flores had lost quite a bit of it’s charm. It was also very busy and got a lot more expensive. I don’t travel on a tight budget or anything but this was just annoying me.

I checked into the hotel I stayed in last time and the same here. Prices had risen and standards had dropped. I wasn’t impressed.

I had made up my mind; last time when I was in Tikal the weather was not particularly good and also the film in my camera a little dodgy. I wasn’t very happy with the pictures and wanted to try this again.

Also and much more important; last time I went for the sunrise tour which is really cool but – and this is something you gotta know and I am not being a smart ass about this – Tikal wasn’t built o watch a nice sunrise. Tikal was built to impress you with a spectacular sunset. (You will hear more about this tomorrow.)

No one offered sunset tours and the last bus left at 6 which slightly annoyed me. It was just too early. I mentioned that to a couple of guides and also one of the travel agencies. Funny enough they all nodded and said I am right. They also said that they never thought of it but will now. With any luck future generations will be able to enjoy a sunset tour rather than just a sunrise one. Should this indeed happen I do expect donations!!!

Flores - Lago Peten

Flores - Lago Peten

Flores - Lago Peten

Flores - Lago Peten


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