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Finca Ixobel – Day 17

Posted by | Evil Kristos | February 3, 2009 | No Comments

The moment I set foot in the little bar down by the pond I knew I would not leave after one night as I had planned.

The Finca does a buffet style dinner all you can eat and it was very good. Since I had a very enjoyable dinner conversation with an old American couple we afterwards decided to go for a quick one. Famous last words.

We walked down to the bar and sat down. I ordered a Rum & Coke and immediately knew I had made a mistake. It was delicious. I am normally a big fan of good old Havana Rum but the local poison was just as good if not better. I was in trouble.

The couple indeed only had a quick one but I stayed. It was a very enjoyable night and I suddenly realised that this place – the Finca Ixobel – was a trap. They got it all right. It’s easy, it is beautiful and it attracts the right kind of people. This is a deadly combination when you are on a tight schedule. Damn you Amy! You know me too well.

It was one of the famous nights where just everything was perfect. Since I had given in and decided to stay one more night anyways there was no reason to take it easy. And I didn’t.

The next day I woke up late and since it was a grey and rainy day just stayed in bed. The little treehouse was perfect. At 1.30 PM I went for a light breakfast and a coffee and straight back to my hammock. The way the weather was there literally was nothing else to do. I didn’t mind.

I watched my neighbours exploring the spider holes that were all over the places. They really did manage to get one of the Tarantulas out of her hole. Interesting animals they are; disgusting but interesting. I don’t get peoples fascination with big hairy spiders. I just find them incredibly ugly and potentially dangerous. I prefer not to get too close but then I grew up up where in a place where the most dangerous animal was the wild pig and this as you probably know is something that is only a little dangerous but also very delicious. I know they feel the same about Tarantulas in Cambodia but these guys are just weird.

Towards the evening the weather still had not cleared up. We were rapidly approaching beer o’clock so I moved over to the restaurant. Again the dinner was fantastic and it was plentiful. This is exactly the way I like it. I met the old couple again. They told me that this year they would celebrate their golden wedding anniversary; 50 years and they were still travelling together. Bless them.

Back in the bar I was advised that I was voted customer of the month. I wonder how that happened. I didn’t recall drinking that much but I guess that is part of the process. I am not sure how much a drink is in that place but my bar tab was a lousy 16 Euro. That hardly gets me into a pub back home in Dublin. Well, I’m not complaining and thinking about it; they didn’t complain either.

Since most of the people from the night before were hangover it was a rather quite night. A few locals popped by and did some juggling with fire, some nice music, a few drinks, you know how things go.

I was a little disappointed that the weather was so bad. One of the things I had looked forward to was watching the stars. There was very little artificial light in this place so I reckon it must be fantastic. Unfortunately I missed that but in a way I am sure I’ll be back one day.

I had made up my mind. This place was dangerous and I shall go. In a way I was sure I’d regret that but it didn’t matter. Time to move on.


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