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Yes we could!

Posted by | Evil Kristos | October 30, 2009 | No Comments

I have been quiet for a while. For a good reason I might add. I was rather disappointed with the results of the Lisbon referendum. I had been looking forward to the excuses and long faces of our current government. I was curious what they’d come up with in order to justify a third referendum and why it went wrong and how this is so not their fault.

As usual I was let down. As they say: “A prophet is without honour in his own country”. Well technically Ireland is not my own country, not yet at least, but still I wish they would listen.

Different subject; I received shocking news. So bad in fact that I could no longer keep quite. I must say I am disgusted.

Our dear friend and well respected political mastermind, the man that lead Britain through one of its most prosperous periods ever, the man they called the white knight for his bravery and high principles and how he stood up for he thought was right – even if it was bollocks made up by a half wit – the man who always loved Europe and defended its principles (as long as they only applied on the mainland), the man that supported the introduction of the Euro in Europe like no other politician from the outside, the man that kept Britain in the European Union (kind of anyways) despite strong pressure from other political parties (like the British National Party and UKIP), he that never did anything wrong really, the very honourable Tony Blair is currently being stabbed in the back by the treacherous socialist on a pan European level. This is disgusting and proves once again that you can’t trust the lefties with anything. How dare they?

Didn’t his Blairness prove how very much he loves Europe and the European Union? What better man to lead the Union through these difficult times? Didn’t he prove how big his Maracas are when he laughed in the face of over a million of his subjects when they tried to wimp out of the Iraq war? May “coalition of the silly” or whatever they were called went in there for the wrong reason and may be they didn’t achieve what they came for and drove Al Quaida into Iraq rather than out BUT how was his Tonyness supposed to know? The almost democratically elected leader of the free world, the president of United States of A. said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Who would not have believed it based on the evidence they presented? OK, we could name a few but as the leader of the United Kingdom of England he had to oppose the French and even more ze Germans. No one else did.

Tony Blair stood up for his convictions and that is what we expected him to do. May be it was stupid but should we blame him for it now? Wasn’t he punished enough? After all he had to leave 10 Downing Street to Gordon. That must have sucked badly. I mean really. So what is the poor man supposed to do now?

All other countries dispose their unwanted politician to Brussels so I guess they can’t complain if the UK does the same. I mean for once Britain would follow the European main stream. No one could complain about that!

And being enthusiastic fans of the Pan-European idea should Britain not make sure his Blairness becomes the United States of Europes first leader? They do say the one-eyed is king amongst the blind. Let the best man rule and since everyone seems to send the outcasts into the European parliament what better choice there is than Tony? When it comes to being unwanted and unappreciated I believe Tony is the Emperor of China, the master of the universe. I believe he by a mile is the most unwanted politician in all Europe. Making him the president of the most unwanted institution would be a stroke of genius. Can’t anyone see the irony, the sheer beauty of this idea?

As I said before; the communists (the social democrats clearly fall into that category the way they act) have no sense of humour. This is why the Russians lost the cold war. Let’s not make the same mistake again. We all feel strongly about Europe so we should express it by making Tony the first European president. Let’s close our ranks and shout out loud: YES WE COULD! But we can’t be arsed. Because this is how we feel. And I am sure our governments feel exactly the same. What do you think Europe is all about? It is about having someone to blame when the shit hits the fan.

Someone has to bring this fine institution to life. It would be so much easier to deal with. We throw so much crap at Europe. Wouldn’t it be fun to throw this crap at someones face rather than some anonymous bureaucracy? I cannot think any better man than Tony Blair for the job than Tony Blair. So please give your support to his Tonyness!


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