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Weather boosts domestic breaks

Posted by | charlottec | April 19, 2011 | No Comments

If you asked most people what the main thing was that holds them back from taking a break in the UK it would be the weather.

As a small Island nation it has all the attributes required for a varied and enjoyable break, with miles of coastline, rolling countryside and fascinating cities all within easy reach of each other.

One of those cities is, of course, London. The English capital has myriad of activities, sites and views, whatever your interest. London Hotels are also among the finest and varied in Europe, catering for every budget imaginable from family friendly stop-overs to the finest, regal hotel suites.

But when it comes to getting out and about the pesky British weather means from one day to the next you simply cannot plan ahead. One day it will be glorious the next drizzly, you just don’t know.

The lack of reliable sunshine means many look abroad for their get-away break. However, the warm spring combined with the nation’s belt tightening in the wake of the recession has led to a dramatic increase in people spending their breaks at home.

And thanks to sites like you can plan your holiday easily and save a bucket load of cash. You can also plan your activities online, with many sites offering vouchers for pre-bookings, especially family attractions such as Madam Tussauds and the Tower Of London.

However, with the glorious warm weather we have been having you could always just seek out one of the city’s fantastic parks and spend a day lounging around in the sun. With rain an ever present threat in England – you never know when you will be able to again!


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