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The Lake District – England’s playground

Posted by | charlottec | May 5, 2011 | No Comments

With so many people crammed onto this tiny Island it is easy to think there is nowhere left to escape the crowds. But thankfully, one of the England’s most beautiful locations – the Lake District – still offers the urban dweller a calming retreat.

It is the largest National Park in the country, occupying 885 sq. miles and encompassing 16 lakes, 53 tarns, and several “waters”, meaning every sort of outdoor activity – be it on land or water – is covered.

Such beauty does have its drawbacks – you may have to queue for your lakeside ice cream on a sunny bank holiday – but is still offers a welcome break from the stresses and strains of everyday life, continuing to be popular despite the rise of air travel to exotic destinations and posh London Hotels and Dubai Hotels offering modern, contemporary luxury.

Its occupation dates back to the Stone Age, while the Romans also used the land, though it was the Norse occupation in 900A.D that saw many of the changes we still see today. They cleared the woods to produce charcoal to smelt lead and copper. Herdwick sheep were first introduced to the region in this area while many of the place names, particularly ‘dale’, ‘tarn’ and ‘thwaite’ date back to that era.

In the modern era the Agricultural Revolution and the Enclosure Acts in the 18th century saw the erection of dry stone walls, which have now become one of the region’s most famous features. The 19th Century saw people have much more time for ‘leisure’, and so the natural beauty of the hills and lakes naturally attractted this new breed of holiday maker, with the arrival of the railway opening the region up for the first time.

With the recession putting an ever increasing strain on people finances the stay-at-home holiday is now the most affordable option. With those who usually prefer foreign climbs for their annual getaway now heading for the lakes, the region could win over a new army of fans to go with its already sizeable loyal following.


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