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The biggest mystery of them all

Posted by | Evil Kristos | September 2, 2009 | No Comments

I recently read an article about what the Brits believe is the biggest mysteries of the past 100 years. Guess what it is? And if you now said J.F.K., Roswell or what haggis is really made of you are all wrong. An astonishing 24 percent of Britain in fact wonder most about the true identity of Top Gears tame race driver The Stig. Give me a break!

Look, don’t get me wrong. I love Top Gear. It is the most childish, politically incorrect, in fact silliest car show ever produced and this is what makes it so good. Men are small boys that like their machines and most of all their cars. Grumpy old Clarkson with his obvious passion for fast and beautiful cars is an inspiration for any decent petrol head. How can you not like this show?

Well I guess thee tree huggers aren’t too happy with it but who cares? We all wonder who the Stig is but a) do we really want to know and b) the biggest mystery in the past 100 years? I don’t think so.

The survey by the way was commissioned to celebrate the launch of some fancy new Doritos (that have a mystery flavour). They were inviting consumers to work it out and win £20k. The final result of their survey is as follows:

1. The true identity of The Stig (24%)
2. The Loch Ness Monster (16%)
3. Who killed JFK (12%)
4. The disappearance of Shergar (11%)
5. The death of Marilyn Monroe (10%)
6. The Beast of Bodmin (8%)
7. The disappearance of Lord Lucan (7%)
8. The Roswellalien autopsy (6%)
9. Bigfoot (4%)
10. BermudaTriangle (2%)

By the way; the identity of the Stig was already revealed. I always had my money on Michael Schumacher and that was based on the fact that for all I know there are very few people out there who drive faster than Lewis Hamilton. The Stig did!

The way they revealed the Stigs identity in the last series was rather suspicious and left room for interpretation I admit, still Schumacher makes perfect sense.


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