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Sarah Palin’s new job: Commentator in Fox News

Posted by | Evil Kristos | January 12, 2010 | No Comments

I just received news that Sarah Palin got a job as a commentator in Fox news. Isn’t that astonishing? I was under the impression that most Americans got the notion that she is a muppet. We all remember her interview when she claimed to have experience in international politics based on Alaska being a neighbour to Russia. And as for her being conservative; that seems to be solely based on her hunting moose.

Other than that the Palin clan is not exactly famous for “family values”. Pregnant unmarried teenage daughter, the argument with their wannabe son in law Levi Johnston is far from over – the latest I heard was he is posing in nude magazine? – and what happened to the claim that she abused her position to seek personal revenge? In a way that is a conservative value though.

We all heard that her autobiography was a bestseller in the US. It makes you wonder. I admit I didn’t read it but I don’t think I could without pissing my pants. I still remember her interviews and as much as I liked Senator McCain nominating her as his running mate – I haven’t laughed so hard during a campaign in my entire life – she is something special; and not in a good way.

I heard that she basically wrote the memoirs to take revenge on a few people who publicly humiliated her. I was under the impression that she did that to herself but she seems to disagree. For example; she wanted to get even with Obama, the democrats, Katie Couric (who interviewed her and Palin made a total ass of herself) and Saturday Night Live where she prominently featured from the day she was nominated.

Why is she pissed off Saturday Night Live? If she was really honest with herself (which she is not well known for) she would have to admit that their impression of her wasn’t half as funny as the original. I am not saying anything here – who am I to judge – but may be give it a thought?

The good thing is; in Fox news she is in good company. Their list of anchors is like the “who is who” of ultra right wing conservative nut jobs. Glen Beck for example; if he is “fair and balanced” the pope is a protestant. I will admit that Glen Beck appears almost sane compared to Rush Limbaugh but honestly that doesn’t count for much.

Fox News as you know is Rupert Murdoch’s brain child. It isn’t so much a “news” channel as it is a political (right wing conservative) statement. Murdoch is well known for how much he cares for other people’s opinion and for “fair and balance” (the official motto of Fox News).

This motto is a slap in the face of any honest journalist in the US. The only good thing is we will get rid of Murdoch soon. Since he is planning to block out Google and making the online versions of his newspapers “premium” (not by improving the quality of the news but by getting rid of all free content) we can assume that a) he went insane b) his media empire will crumble. In many ways that is good news. I can’t wait if Fox will actually report it.

What really got me about hiring Sarah Palin was that they reckon it will improve her chances to run for president in 2012. I mean ARE YOU INSANE????

The most powerful country in the world run by a failed governor and corrupt nut job? That would be a most scary thought. Georg W. was bad enough. Even so much as nominating Sarah Palin would be advertising to the world that the Americans have finally gone mad. Not that we need further prove but please don’t. We are just getting used to the thought that you guys are not the biggest evil in the world. Palin couldn’t even run Alaska and that is mostly inhabited by moose.

Most of the US is populated by real people. Have mercy on them. Making an idiot president is not some prank you can play with people ant then just come out and say: “gotcha”. Once they are elected you are stuck with them and they really are in a powerful position. Remember George W. he was funny but he also took you to a war that was wrong to begin with cost thousands of innocent lives (and still does). He alienated your friends and allies to a point where they considered the US a bigger thread to peace than Mahmud Ahmadinedschad. Not again please!

On a lighter note; I wonder if Fox News will cover Sarah’s make up bill. I heard that can drain your funds quicker than a divorce from Heather Mills.


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