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Get the right gear to go travelling

Posted by | charlottec | November 25, 2011 | No Comments

Going travelling is a good excuse to go out and buy yourself a whole lot of new gear – suitable to the climate and terrain you’ll be visiting on your travels.

If you’re going backpacking, you’ll want stuff that’s light and easy to carry.  Fortunately most of the clothing produced by outdoor brands like Craghoppers answers both these requirements.  The clothes are also highly travel proof. You can stuff them in a backpack and when you want to wear them, you just need to pull them back out – they’re not the kind of things that need ironing.

Living in and out of a backpack and not having access to the usual home comforts like washing machines means that you’ll want easy care clothing that you can simply wash by hand and allow to drip dry.

The advantage of having a number of outdoors activity garments in your back pack is that they are generally made of manmade lightweight materials, so they dry really quickly. Some of them can be really handy if you’re stuck without washing facilities for a few days as they are made of odour-resistant materials. The nature of base layer clothing allows sweat to wick away from your skin, so it evaporates rather than settling into the fibres of the garment.

Taking some good base layer garments will serve you well in colder climates, especially if you get ones with thermal properties.

If, for example, you’re going off hiking for a day, you can wear a base layer of thermal underwear, with thermal socks to keep your feet warm but sweat free in your walking boots.  Don’t forget to buy accessories like thermal gloves as things like this aren’t always to find once you’ve started your travels.

And once you’ve got on the move and start to get a bit too warm, you can always peel off the shell middle layers, stuff them in your pack, and just leave the base layer garment on.


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