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Introduction to Blogspot @ Head over Heels

Posted by | Evil Kristos | December 5, 2008 | No Comments

Welcome fellow travellers!

Since Head-over-Heels is a travel site open to everyone who wants to share knowledge, advice, recommendations, insights or adventures I thought a blog tool would be the ideal addition to the site.

If you are going on a trip and want to keep your friends and relatives up to speed a blog tool is ideal. Simply register and you are ready to go. You can keep your blog private if you want, open to everyone or just registered users. It’s up to you.

The tool is dead easy to use. If you run into any trouble let me know.
I will leave this open to for everyone to use at least for the time being. Keep in mind this is a travel site so please don’t publish any propaganda rubbish here or porn.

If you want to open a new categorie send me an email with a description. I haven’t quite figured out how to set permissions so you can open your own categorie.

If you just want to browse pick your categorie on the right side and start reading.




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