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The ultimate speaker – Sonic Gear Evo 5

Posted by | Evil Kristos | March 17, 2009 | No Comments

When I went on holiday a while ago my girlfriend “borrowed” my speakers. If you ever lived with a girlfriend before you know what that means: You’ll never ever see them again. Well, they were old and worn anyways (the speakers) so I didn’t mind it that much. I had previously considered to invest in to a new pair so why not now. Opportunity makes the thief.

Put it this way; what I thought would be a simple task turned into a quest of epic proportions. I went through a dozen sites and even in to a few computer shops but with little success. I didn’t just want a pair of speakers I wanted some that look good, sound good and don’t cost a fortune. Sounds like a mission impossible? Put it this way: It wasn’t easy.

By pure chance I found an interesting looking pair of speakers on eBay. The specs looked quite alright and 39.99 £ wasn’t as much as I would have expected for that kind of gear.

Since I never heard of the brand I did some research on the subject and discovered SONIC GEAR. They seem to be a rather new player in the market. I certainly never heard of them before. They only sell in a few countries and for this very reason their products rather difficult to find them in any web shop.

The shipping costs in this particular eBay auction were outrageous so I tried to find an alternative merchant. I managed to find a site but even there you had to search thoroughly to find the speakers. To save you the trouble; here’s the direct link:

The speakers arrived two days later which is ultra fast taken into consideration that they had to be shipped cross border from the UK to Ireland. So far so good. Next thing I unpacked them and was ready for a surprise. You know, most of the time when something sounds too good there is a catch. When I opened the box I was speechless. These babies looked even better than on the picture. How often does that happen?

I hooked them up to my PC and it got even better. The sound these babies produce is astonishing. I’d expect this kind of volume and smooth sound from a much more expensive system but even including shipping these cost less than 60 Euro. From a value for money point of view they are easily the best speakers I’ve ever seen.

They look expensive, are built rock solid and produce a pretty decent sound. I would have bought them for the name alone: SONIC GEAR EVO 5. Come on; that sounds evil and reminds me of a racing car in Need for Speed but not a pair of PC speakers. I love it. They are perfect male speakers. If you are a guy and you are a nerd and you don’t have much money to spare because you wasted all you got on the latest graphic card these speakers are your weapon of choice. They will impress your friends at the LAN party with their looks and they will do a solid job at home. That is all you can ask for.


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