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The LED LENSER – the best head lamp ever

Posted by | Evil Kristos | December 14, 2009 | No Comments

When I bought my headlamp last year I thought it was top of the range. It’s a Petzl and honestly it is quite cool. I can see you people shaking your heads mumbling something like stupid geek and waste of money but I assure you: You are wrong. I know because I was the same.

At the latest you realise how totally awesome a headlamp is when you walk through a pitch black jungle. I know it sounds a bit absurd but this is a travel website so don’t tell me you never walked through a dark forest!

Most people I meet during travels spent a fortune on shoes and backpacks, laptops and iPods but then save a tenner or so on their flashlight. It’s not worth it trust me. A decent headlamp is much more important than for example a pair of speakers for you MP3 player.

Flashlight or headlamp is a matter of choice. I recommend a flashlight in the urban jungle because you can hit for example a mugger with it. In the wilderness on the other hand the headlamps is much better. It is more convenient and it is lighter. You have both hands free and that alone is worth the extra cost.

As I said I was quite happy with my Petzl. It wasn’t exactly cheap but I was rather impressed with its performance and the battery pack lasts forever. That really is all you ask for or is it?

Well you see once you start paying any kind of interest in these devices you are hooked and it is rather annoying when you see someone with a better headlamp than yours. Even more annoying is when you find out that these better headlamps are cheaper than the ones you got. So it happened to me and out of anger and frustration I should recommend the Petzl to you and then buy the other ones just to annoy you but that wouldn’t be very nice.

So you might ask yourself what I am talking about. Well the answer is the LED LENSER by the German company Zweibrueder. There lamps are simply astonishing. Their top of the range torch (LED LENSER® X21) produces a whopping 950 lumen. That is pretty much sunshine in a can.

It has 7 ultra-bright high-performance chips and 7 terminator lenses. Even if you are not into this kind of gear you got to admit it sounds awesome. A guy selling these told me that all the cops in the region have them.

Apparently it all started when they were doing a search at night in a forest and one of the cops had the X21. All the other cops look rather foolish with their Maglites and you know the coppers. A cool flashlight is important to them. So the next day they all wanted the X21 and if you think about it, 225 Euro (I found that price in a web shop) is not that much for a torch that outshines the headlamps of a car.

Their top notch head lamp is the LED LENSER® H7R and it makes my Petzl look pale (literally). Both headlamps work with regular AAA batteries but where the Petzl is bright the H7R produces 140 lumen. That is a lot especially compared to the 60 lumen of the Petzl. It’s also quite light and it works up to 75 hours on 1 set of batteries.

Die H7R actually uses rechargeable battery and comes with a charger. The contacts inside are gilded to optimise energy use and prevent corrosion. The last time I’ve seen that was in a rather pricy hi-fi system.

You can (on both head lamps) adjust the lens to generate a broad, circular low beam or highly-focused long-distance light. You can also dim the light to stretch the battery life. It offers everything you can ask for and a tiny little bit more.

What really upset me about the H7R is that I found its little sister the H7 advertised for 39.50 € on a website. I paid twice that for my Petzl. The H7 is almost identical to H7R the only difference seems to be that it has no dimmer. So I looked up the H7R and guess what: 47 €. Damn that annoys me. Check out their website by the way. It’s quite cool.

Damn Germans.


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