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New EVs on the road in 2012

Posted by | charlottec | April 30, 2012 | No Comments

If you like to travel but don’t like the restrictions of sticking to public transport timetables and schedules, the best option is to drive yourself. But of course, this has its repercussions on the environment.

Good news then that there are more EVs coming out – with an ever improved range achievable on one charge of the battery pack that powers the electric motor, and with increased locations coming available where you can plug in your EV or plug-in hybrid to charge when away from home.

Until now though, EVs have also been too expensive for most people to contemplate buying – no matter how high their environmental ideals are. The new car offers for EVs vary, but you automatically get a financial credit from the government in both the UK and the States for buying an EV over a conventional car.

This year, though, sees the arrival of two new EVs in the UK – the family sized Renault Fluence and the supermini Renault Zoe. Both these cars will be available at significantly lower prices than other EV equivalents, due to the fact that Renault has changed the ownership model. People will buy the car, but lease the battery that powers the electric motor.

The battery pack for the Zoe should be about £70 a month to lease, and for the Fluence about £85 a month. You’ll be able to take depleted batteries and exchange them at no extra cost, so there’s reduced loss of value for second hand prices in the future too. The battery pack is one of the most expensive components in an EV, so taking that out of the value equation is good for the first owner and all future owners. It wouldn’t be surprising if other manufacturers follow suit.

This year also sees the arrival of the Toyota Prius plug-in in Europe and the US, and the launch of the Honda 2013 Accord plug-in sedan in the States. All plug-in hybrids will be capable of doing short journeys (around 15 miles) on electric power only – during which times they will emit no tailpipe emissions, thus helping reduce air pollution.


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