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Ever heard of Evelyn Border?

Posted by | Evil Kristos | January 2, 2010 | 1 Comment

Well neither did I up until I saw a picture of an elderly woman sitting on a bench holding up a sign “I stole from a 9 year old on her birthday! Don’t steal or this could happen to you.” What the …

Evelyn Border is 56 years old; a mother and grandmother. She has never been convicted, not even a parking ticket. She lives in the small town of Bedford in and this is where problems began. Bedford is in the US.

What happened was; Evelyn went to her local Walmart and there she found two coupons. No one was around so she took the coupons and put them in her pocket. Is this wrong? When you find money on the street you don’t go to the lost and found. You keep it. Evelyn did more or less the same except she didn’t keep the vouchers but gave them to her daughter. Together they were worth 80 Dollars. That’s neat especially when you are from a working poor background.

A few days later the daughter tried to use the vouchers and guess what; she got arrested. Since the Americans are tough on crime they arrested Evelyn as well. The two were accused of thievery and brought to a police station where their fingerprints were taken and of course mug shots.

They were told that their crime was filmed by a security camera so there is no denying. So far this sounds like one of these absurd pranks you often hear or read about but this episode wouldn’t have made the news had it stopped here. No there is more to come. The district attorney had nothing better to do than making an example of these poor women. He offered them a deal.

They could go to jail for 6 months, they could accept to be in the pillory for 4 hours and be convicted or they stand 8 hours in the cold and not get a criminal conviction.

The women were petrified. Much worse; they were poor so they couldn’t afford a decent lawyer. They accepted district attorney Bill Higgins “offer”.

When the day came it was November and it was freezing. Evelyn had a little folding chair where she sat. She was holding this huge sign saying she robbed a child. District attorney Bill Higgins was standing next to her and was pleased with himself. Camera crews came from all over the country to witness what Bill Higgins considers JUSTICE.

The pillory was invented in medieval times. Its main purpose was to disgrace and humiliate people publicly. They were chained to a pillar and passers-by could throw rotten fruits and vegetables at them. The most famous case was Daniel Defoe in 1703. He was put in the pillory for his poem Hymn to the Pillory. Since the people actually liked it they threw flowers instead of rotten fruits.

In modern times the pillory was proscribed in most countries. There is one exception though; the US.

District attorney Bill Higgins considers it justice to sentence two people without a trial. He thinks it is justice to mortify and publicly humiliate these women; just for fun. Did they really do something wrong?

If they had the money to afford a lawyer the answer would be: NO. Common sense dictates that the answer has got to be: NO. To put these two women out there was wrong! That they stole from a child is a blunt lie. They found gift cards a child had lost. They certainly could have returned them but only a hypocrite would condemn them.

Talking about hypocrites; looks like Bill Higgins is not exactly a saint either.

It was the very same Bedford County District Attorney Bill Higgins that had engaged in a sexual relationship inside the courthouse in the previous year. Interestingly he got away with it because (and I quote):

“Under the sexual misconduct portion, it states that only county employees who violate the code of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action, including being fired.”

The thing is; Higgins is an elected official. It simply doesn’t apply to him. In fact; the Attorney General stated that Higgins could actually never show up for work and still would get paid. For this reason alone there is no point in firing him.

So this Bill Higgins then sets the morale standards in Bedford county. Bravo! Justice has been served. Evelyn Border shame on you!

Oh and in case you want to write a strongly worded letter to Mr. Higgins and tell him how disgusted you are by the crime committed by Evelyn Border; this is the address

William Higgins
District Attorney

Bedford County Courthouse
200 South Juliana Street
Bedford PA 15522
Phone: 814-623-4855

Sentence for theft is humiliation in Bedford town center

Local District Attorney Accused Of Having Sex In Courthouse


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