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Afraid of flying?

Posted by | Evil Kristos | October 5, 2009 | No Comments

I just read a really funny bit of news. Well it was funny for me. I seriously doubt that the people involved found it particularly amusing.

Imagine this; you are on board an airplane that is flying at 30.000 feet. Suddenly a brawl breaks out. So far so bad. Suddenly you realise that the people involved are actually the crew of the airplane. In this particular incident the flight attendants had a go at pilot and co-pilot. While they were kicking the shit out of each other who was piloting the plane? As it turns out: No one!

You may not believe it but this actually did happen on an Air India flight. The plane coming form the United Arab Emirates was bound for Delhi. Apparently the pilot was harassing one of the female flight crew. She wasn’t too happy about that – and I certainly cannot blame her for that – so she must have been given out to the other crew. They didn’t hesitate and had a go at the pilot.

According to “The Times of India” about 100 obviously startled passengers watched how the crew threw punches at each other in the galley of the plane. The cockpit at this stage was unmanned which I guess would concern most passengers on board an airplane in mid air.

I am just trying to picture the faces of the people on board that plane. Can you imagine this? You sit in an airplane and the stewardess attacks the only person who can fly that thing? The co-pilot and one female flight attendant were injured so they were obviously being serious about.

Air India are a bit embarrassed about it and suspended the two pilots and two crew member. Also a police investigation was launched. As someone who doesn’t particularly like flying in the first place I can only say on thing: I am speechless! You gotta be kidding me!


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