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Why would you not upgrade your system to Windows 8? Well, I’ll tell you

Posted by | Evil Kristos | January 3, 2013 | No Comments

So far I was rather happy with the brand new Windows 8. 29.99 € is reasonable, the new look is rather cool, my crappy little laptop is running a little quicker and the upgrade is dead easy. So why would you not upgrade all your machines? Well, Microsoft won’t let you.

I shall explain.

While on holiday I wanted to upgrade the wife’s computer. I had nothing else to do and her laptop isn’t exactly flying either. I took the DVD and let Windows handle the rest. With my own mini laptop the procedure took a while but it did work rather well. Not this time though. After the upgrade was finished the new desktop look somewhat different and I couldn’t figure out why. The tile for the classic desktop for example was missing and on top there was no link to the app shop. For a while I was pretty much stuck. That was up until I rebooted.

Finally I was given the solution to why my user experience suddenly was pretty crappy. Microsoft had figured that I already used this copy of Windows on my other laptop so it only showed me a very limited version and on top now shows me a regular reminder to activate the system. Pardon my language but this sucks.

Don’t get me wrong. Microsoft has every right to ask for more money but to run the full update and only then tell me that I have to pay for another copy or live with the limited options is bollocks. At least give me an uninstall button and restore my old system.

The really sad part is that I actually tried to buy another copy and it wouldn’t let me. The checkout insisted that my post code is wrong. Excuse me?

It also showed the wrong price. That’s unless the second installation costs twice as much as the first. Fact is that I was stuck with a half-finished installation and I didn’t know how to undo the damage done to the system. So I started doing some research. Guess what? There are ways around the limitation.

For example; once you install Firefox and click the icon on the metro app surface it will switch to the classic desktop. Once there I managed to restore most of my applications. I kind of expected this to be done by the upgrade routine to be honest but at least they simply moved everything to a folder Most applications you can simply start from there.

Also you can get to the Microsoft App store without using the Store App. All you need is the link to one app. That ain’t so tricky to find out. Once there you can install all the metro apps you want and they do work. So the attempt to lock me out was a) futile and b) extremely stupid. If Microsoft honestly thinks the approach outlined here will make more people buy Windows 8 licenses they simply do not understand their customer base. I bought one Windows. I certainly will not buy a second one for my second computer. (Especially not at full price)

The restrictions in place now will most likely stop all system administrators that have more than just a couple of computers to look after from switching to Windows 8. Even with a corporate license they would have to individually activate each and every individual computer. And if you want to move a license from computer to another you apparently have to call Microsoft. Are they insane?

From my experience admins will rather use Windows XP for another two years and wait for Windows 9. As will I with my main laptop and PC by the way.

Nice try Microsoft. I like the system as such but it will fail on the basis that it is too restrictive. Most people have more than one computer. If you want to charge them twice they won’t give you any money. Being too f*cking anal will stop people altogether from switching to Windows 8 so don’t make this too difficult!


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