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Recession News – The Solution

I believe I found the solution to our problems. After seeing the so called leadership debate yesterday it dawned on me that we got nothing to expect from them. I don’t even know why we are having this election. It will cost a fortune. Do we have money to spare? Actually I knew that we […]

Budget 2010 – About that …

For weeks now people were whinging and moaning about what there – inevitably- was to come: The Budget. The country is broke and is losing a few trillion a day so of course they had to do something. We knew it will hurt but honestly; cutting costs is a reasonable approach.

Government prepares third Lisbon referendum

With the number of people in favour of the Lisbon treaty declining I am somewhat sure that our fearless leaders are preparing a third referendum already. It just doesn’t look like is if they would let this one go. I guess they don’t have much choice. As it stands there is only one way out […]

What’s the trouble?

These are difficult times and we need some cheering up. The economic situation is so miserable that I am sure we all are grateful for the amusing distractions politicians create these days. Bless them! They really try hard to make us think about something other than the economy. Their futile attempts to cheer us up […]

Ways out of the recession

Where the fearless leaders of our beloved Ireland introduce higher and higher taxes on cigarettes and punish the poor smokers and the even poorer tobacco industry, our comrades in China went down a different avenue. As we learned today, public workers in the district Gong’an (province Hubei) were ordered to smoke 230.000 packs of cigarettes […]

Recession News II

If you look for an easy and convenient way to rob a bank you can learn a lot these days and you can learn it from the allegedly finest and most respectable (or so we thought) members of our society.

Recession News I

I’ve been quiet recently and for a reason. I still cannot believe what is going on out there. Ireland was hit by the global crisis and unfortunately it was hit harder than most other countries in Europe. The unemployment figures are rising at an alarming speed and the bad news never seem to end. It […]