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Good news everyone in regards to “my project”. After I sent a more official looking letter of complaint stating all my issues with NTL and involving the mention of NCA (National Consumer Agency) and the Broadcasting Complaints Commission (BCI) someone actually reviewed my account and agreed that I am entitled to a refund. That wasn’t […]

New rules on the road

Today I read something funny, well kind of anyways. From May 1st drivers without a valid NCT certificate will be awarded 5 penalty points and fined up to 1500 Euro. This announcement lead to – guess what – the NCT booking system crashing. Looks like there were quite a few people out there who until […]

My New Best Friends – NTL

First things first; I am aware that NTL is the best value for money internet in Ireland and I was a long term customer with them and for most of the time happy. As long as everything works they are fantastic. Painful and annoying it only get’s when you have any kind of problem with […]

Recession News II

If you look for an easy and convenient way to rob a bank you can learn a lot these days and you can learn it from the allegedly finest and most respectable (or so we thought) members of our society.

Recession News I

I’ve been quiet recently and for a reason. I still cannot believe what is going on out there. Ireland was hit by the global crisis and unfortunately it was hit harder than most other countries in Europe. The unemployment figures are rising at an alarming speed and the bad news never seem to end. It […]

Surviving Christmas

[ad#adc-1] Christmas is over and thank god for that. Once again I survived and only with minor injuries. By Christmas standards it actually went well especially taken into consideration that with Christmas being on Thursday and Friday we had four days off this year. When you spend Christmas with your whole family that is cool […]

Night Link to Finglas

[ad#adc-1] Dublin Busses night link is by far the cheapest, often enough the quickest and without the shadow of a doubt the most entertaining way to get home at night. If you are in Dublin and you do live outside city centre you have to give it a go. Taxis are for sissies. For many […]

Second Referendum over Lisbon

Our Massimo Leader Brian Cowen today officially announced what we knew would happen all along anyways. Before the end of October next year we will have a second referendum on the Lisbon treaty. The Taoiseach negotiated a few deals that take Irish concerns into consideration. As it looks we keep our European commissioner and we […]

When children start carrying guns

gun crimes are bad enough but when children start shooting innocent citizen things are really getting out of hand

Pork crisis in Ireland

Ireland made headlines all over Europe this week and as you can probably guess it wasn’t exactly good news. It never is. Pork produced in Ireland had to be taken off the shelves all over Europe since it turned out to be toxic. OK, full stop here. When it says toxic it doesn’t mean you […]

Christmas in Dublin

Christmas in Dublin … OMG

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