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Cliffs of Moher “simplify” admission charges

The Cliffs of Moher are magnificent. They are up to 214 metres high and range for almost 8 kilometres. What a view, what a spectacle. Not such a long time ago I would have considered them one of the most beautiful spots in all Ireland. And not just me; people from all over the world […]

Budget 2010 – About that …

For weeks now people were whinging and moaning about what there – inevitably- was to come: The Budget. The country is broke and is losing a few trillion a day so of course they had to do something. We knew it will hurt but honestly; cutting costs is a reasonable approach.

Don’t Hassle the Hoff

Good news everyone. The Hoff, and yes I am talking about the American megastar THE HOFF, has bought a pad in Ireland and even better news: He’ll call it the Hassle Pad. Yippeeehhhhhh. Who would have thought of that?

Where men can be men …

Good news everyone; the Supreme Court yesterday decided that the Portmarnock Golf Club can continue restricting full membership to men and all I can say is: Thank you judges. I am relieved.

Yes we could!

I have been quiet for a while. For a good reason I might add. I was rather disappointed with the results of the Lisbon referendum. I had been looking forward to the excuses and long faces of our current government. I was curious what they’d come up with in order to justify a third referendum and why it went wrong and how this is so not their fault.

Safe from harm

Last week I heard on the radio that Ireland’s first cat hospital has opened its doors. I’ve got to say I’m feeling much better now, kind of safe you know. I’ve been to a hospital once, one they built for humans, and it was the most depressing experience ever. I vowed that day that I’ll […]

Ways out of the recession

Where the fearless leaders of our beloved Ireland introduce higher and higher taxes on cigarettes and punish the poor smokers and the even poorer tobacco industry, our comrades in China went down a different avenue. As we learned today, public workers in the district Gong’an (province Hubei) were ordered to smoke 230.000 packs of cigarettes […]


Good news everyone in regards to “my project”. After I sent a more official looking letter of complaint stating all my issues with NTL and involving the mention of NCA (National Consumer Agency) and the Broadcasting Complaints Commission (BCI) someone actually reviewed my account and agreed that I am entitled to a refund. That wasn’t […]

New rules on the road

Today I read something funny, well kind of anyways. From May 1st drivers without a valid NCT certificate will be awarded 5 penalty points and fined up to 1500 Euro. This announcement lead to – guess what – the NCT booking system crashing. Looks like there were quite a few people out there who until […]

My New Best Friends – NTL

First things first; I am aware that NTL is the best value for money internet in Ireland and I was a long term customer with them and for most of the time happy. As long as everything works they are fantastic. Painful and annoying it only get’s when you have any kind of problem with […]

Recession News II

If you look for an easy and convenient way to rob a bank you can learn a lot these days and you can learn it from the allegedly finest and most respectable (or so we thought) members of our society.

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