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Medical marihuana legalized in Germany

As of today it is legal for certain patients to not only buy but grow medical marihuana. You are surprised that Germany lifted this ban? So was I. I wasn’t aware that it is illegal in the first place. A judge ruled today that a patient with a prescription for medical marihuana must also be […]

The case Uli Hoeneß

Despite being at the brink of a war right in our neighborhood, German media headlines are being dominated by something – let’s face it – completely irrelevant. Uli Hoeneß, president of FC Bayern Munich, one of the best football clubs in the world, was sentenced to 3,5 years in prison for tax evasion. Hoeneß was […]

No asylum for Edward Snowden

The European Parliament today decided against granting Edward Snowden asylum and / or safe harbour on EU soil. To be precise the Committee for the Interior blocked the inclusion of a paragraph regarding the safety of Mr Snowden so the parliament does not actually have to vote. From what I read the committee voted 33 […]

The inevitable – Germany has Groko

Germany has a new government and – as predicted – we have a great coalition between CDU and SPD. After 6 weeks of negotiations between the parties, they agreed to enter a the great coalition under the leadership of Angie Merkel. As if there was ever any doubt. I am tempted to call it “The […]

Angie is pissed

Since Edward Snowden first released details about the NSA and their attempt to monitor most of our internet traffic and even phone calls there has been a certain amount of outrage at the user end but almost no reaction from German politicians. They more or less acknowledged it, but there was no outcry. We could […]

Germany is „führerlos“

As you may have heard, there was an election in Germany. Although utterly pointless – we all knew who is going to win this – we still went through with it. To be honest, despite the odds I was looking forward to it. My last German election was Schröder running against Kohl, which is considered […]

The Berlin Airport disaster continues

The word is out: BER – the new international airport for Berlin – will almost certainly not open in 2013 and it most likely won’t open in 2014 either. What a surprise. With this new set back Berlins mayor Klaus Wowereit finally stepped down as chairman of the board of management. That of course won’t […]

Death of an icon – the art house Tacheles in Berlin is gone

This morning the famous art house Tacheles saw the eviction of the last tenants. This marks the end of a legal battle that lasted for years. The eviction was announced for today and the last tenants handed over their keys without any further resistance. A bailiff and the lawyers appointed by the owner HSH Nordbank […]

The new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) may or may not open in 2013

In case you missed it, Berlin was supposed to get a brand new airport in 2011. Despite everything you may or may not have heard about German efficiency; it didn’t happen. They didn’t even come close to be honest. The opening was postponed to June 3rd 2012 and you can guess already that this one […]

The Giant Panda Bao Bao is dead

The famous Giant Panda Bao Bao, long term resident and famous icon of Berlins zoological garden, is dead. He died today most likely of natural causes. Bao Bao arrived in Berlin in 1980. He came as as a present of the Chinese government. He quickly turned in to a darling of the public. Pandas are […]

S-Bahn train derailed in Berlin

An S-Bahn train in Berlin derailed on Tuesday near Tegel. Six people were injured but thankfully there weren’t any casualties. The accident was most likely caused by a defective switch but the reason is yet unknown. On Monday the railway control center nearby was hit by lightning. If there is a connection between the events […]