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I have a confession to make. I like Sihanoukville. It’s wrong I know I just can’t help it. It has some stunning beaches; you can actually rent a scooter which is a big thing in Cambodia; everything is nice, great views, it’s still crazy enough to make you feel you are abroad, the food is […]


Once there was a pretty big lake in the very heart of Phnom Penh. It is almost gone but not for natural reasons. The entire area was sold out to a Korean investor who immediately started land filling the lake. You can still recognise the old shore. All they did at this stage was filling […]

Phnom Penh

I rose early but not because I wanted. Some Muppet decided to switch on loud techno music rather early in the morning. I was not pleased. I was kind of alright with the place until then and also lazy to move but the music did it. I got out of my room and I was […]

Travelling man

I had made up my mind. It was time to leave Siem Reap. For a reason I don’t remember I wanted to go to Kompong Thom half way down to Phnom Penh, For a start I could not buy a ticket to that place but had to pay the full fare to the capital. I […]

Angkor – Day 3

Since I was rather satisfied with my day two of extreme templing in Angkor I decided to see the rest as well. There was one place in particular that sounded interesting. It is a rather long way to Banteay Srey from Siem Reap but at this stage I was curious. The driver picked me up […]

Angkor – Day 2

When I woke up this morning for the very first time it was a blue sky. The air was less humid and the heat much less intense. It was most likely as hot as the days before but it didn’t feel as hot. I also felt better and for the first time in three days […]

Angkor Wat – Day 1

Another feverish night and again the weather wasn’t exactly brilliant. I didn’t care. It was time to do something. I got a Tuk Tuk and we went to Angkor Wat. First stop is the ticket office. Someone had told me that is cheaper when you pay in Riel rather than Dollar. I tried to do […]

Siem Reap

When I last left you I mentioned I did not feel so well. I had the sneaking suspicion that I had caught something and sadly I was again spot on. Me and my suspicions. By ten o’clock that night I was in bed with fever; shivering and sweating. Also I was in considerable pain. It […]

Travel to Siem Reap

I finally decided it’s time to get out of here. For convenience reasons I booked a minivan or so I thought. There were two possible choices; 7 AM or 9.15 AM. I don’t need to tell you which one I took. My first surprise came in the morning. The driver actually did show up at […]

Ko Chang

I came to realize I made an error of judgment. I had assumed Ko Chang is one of these cool places where you come and stay for a few days to re-charge your batteries and move on. Wrong! Ko Chang is one of these places I call final destinations. It sucks you in and never […]

Things I forgot about Thailand

I forgot how kind and friendly the Thai are. I forgot how incredibly beautiful the country is. I didn’t really forget but I forgot how really really pretty it is. I forgot how cheap it is and how easy to travel. I forgot how nice the food is. I forgot how chilled out one gets […]

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