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I did manage to get up in the morning. I am very much impressed with myself. I even arrived at the train station with time to spare. Since I was starving I went to Scottish restaurant that serves coffee and fast food. I always thought that a McShit is equally bad all over the world. […]


Good news, I do know people in Ljubljana. A girl I met about ten years ago spontaneously decided to become a facebook user only about three days ago. Since she still used her old email and I had probably send her a friend request when I opened my account some 50 years ago we are […]


Why Vienna one might ask? It’s not exactly exotic or is it? I will say this much; for me Vienna is more exotic than let’s say Phnom Penh. In fact it is more alien to me than most places I have been to. I knew little about it other than it has a reputation as […]

Action Plan for project “mantravel Balkan”

Action Plan sounds pretty cool but I don’t actually have one. I booked a flight to Vienna because it was cheap and it’s easy to get to Ljubljana from there. The Slovenian capital is one of the places I really do want to visit. I forgot why but I kinda liked when I stopped there […]

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