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Andi in The USSR 19.08.2010

Basti wasted in the morning Coffee in the restaurant car Walk to the end of the train Writing the Blog again

Andi in The USSR 18.08.2010

Vodka Sergej took Basti to his cart and touch him Coffee in the restorant car Starting the Blog Vodka Sergeij came to our comparment and touched me In Balyezino we bought sausages and Vodka Drinking Vodka now! … lets see how the blog continues 🙂 We kept drinking and went down to the restaurant cart […]

Andi in The USSR 17.08.2010

after waking up we went down to Red square again and lined up for a visit of Lenin in his Mousoleum. The line wasn’t too long and after a chat with a guy and his girlfriend from Murmansk we were about to go in. Just dropping off our bags with all cameras and phones at […]

Andi in The USSR 16.08.2010

Even with the time on your hands you would think you have on a train ride like this I can’t write all of the events down in this blog very detailed. I’m a bit lazy, and this should still be a nice holiday, right? But I still want to get the information out there to […]

Andi in The USSR 15.08.2010

Shame on me, I have not updated the blog. That’s partly due to the missing internet connection for the last couple of days but also due to the fact that I have been lazy. I tried to put all the expiriences into nice written articles but failed so far. however, a few days went down […]

Andi in The USSR 14.08.2010

So the check in and security check were fairly quickly but also the shops and more importantly the pub were closed. After a bit of waiting and reading the last pages of the travel guide to Moscow I was allowed to get on the plane. Last row right window was mine, next to a guy […]

Andi in The USSR 13.08.2010

All bags are packed, fairly heavy they are! Big one on the bag small (well not really, but smallER). Saying goodbye to Yuni, won’t see her for another 3 weeks now 🙁 and left the appartment… I took the lift down, because I would probably have fallen down the stairs when using them. Half way […]

Train to the east

Alright my friends, Kristos (and a couple of pints yesterday evening) convinced me to become a blogger over here. It’s the first time for me, so if you have (and you most likely will have) suggestions for improvement please go ahead and post (or comment) them. This section will be about my exciting trip coming […]