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The Giant Panda Bao Bao is dead

The famous Giant Panda Bao Bao, long term resident and famous icon of Berlins zoological garden, is dead. He died today most likely of natural causes. Bao Bao arrived in Berlin in 1980. He came as as a present of the Chinese government. He quickly turned in to a darling of the public. Pandas are […]

Don’t go camping without….

Thousands of families around the country will be packing up the boot of their car this summer and heading off on a camping trip with the kids. Camping is a great way to spend a family holiday. As well as being economical compared to staying in a hotel or guest house, there’s a certain sense […]

Europe in my old Honda

It’s now almost exactly a year since I left the shores of the UK for an immense six month tour of Europe with my girlfriend in my 1998 Honda CR-V – armed with little more than our small tent. Overall, this was a magical trip. It was something we’d always wanted to do and we […]

Estate cars ideal for outdoors enthusiasts

If you enjoy travel and you love outdoor pursuits do yourself a favour and make your next car an estate car. Estate cars are ideal for the obvious reason that you can store a load of stuff in them – but it goes a lot further than that. They’re great for going on extended travel […]

Hybrid technology is the future

Hybrid technology, or something like it, is becoming the new standard for cars. Pretty much every new car offers better mileage stats than its predecessors, and this is because of increased demand from drivers for better fuel efficiency – both to combat the ever increasing rises in fuel prices and as it limits the damage […]

Ski-ing on your travels

Many backpackers go off round the world seeking sun and the sea, but there are plenty of winter sports you can do along the way as well. Take ski-ing for example. You can do it in countries as diverse as Brazil, China, Japan and New Zealand, not to mention the many countries in Europe where […]

Outdoor pursuits in winter

Winter is a time when you can feel like leaving any outdoor pursuits alone for a while. It can be hard to motivate yourself to go and get some exercise when the weather is really cold.  However, as long as it’s not raining, winter needn’t be a barrier to outdoor life. All you really need […]

Go green and hire

One of the strange things modern backpackers are finding is that hiring a car can actually be one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to get around remote corners of the world these days. The romantic image of the backpacker walking many miles over deserts, through rainforest, half-frozen tundra or hacking through dense undergrowth just doesn’t […]

Scottish government urged to go green

There have been calls for the Scottish government to get a lot greener in its driving habits after it was revealed that just a small percentage of its fleet is made up of “green” vehicles. Just 14% of the Scottish government’s cars are green. From a total cohort of 208 cars, just 26 are hybrids […]

The shiny and new Honda Civic

The brand new, ninth-generation Honda Civic is here and it’s better and cheaper to run than ever. The title of “icon” is often glibly claimed, but few cars deserve it more than the Civic. It’s been around since 1972 ans has sold more than 650,000 models in the UK alone. The new civic 2012 will […]

Travel-friendly driving

Many travellers eschew the car as a travelling option on grounds of environmental responsibility rather than practicalities. But it’s very true that the car is one of the most practical means of travel for people taking off on a long travel adventure – one which isn’t going to involve crossing any oceans anyway. You aren’t […]

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