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No asylum for Edward Snowden

The European Parliament today decided against granting Edward Snowden asylum and / or safe harbour on EU soil. To be precise the Committee for the Interior blocked the inclusion of a paragraph regarding the safety of Mr Snowden so the parliament does not actually have to vote. From what I read the committee voted 33 […]

Recession News – The Solution

I believe I found the solution to our problems. After seeing the so called leadership debate yesterday it dawned on me that we got nothing to expect from them. I don’t even know why we are having this election. It will cost a fortune. Do we have money to spare? Actually I knew that we […]

Sarah Palin’s new job: Commentator in Fox News

I just received news that Sarah Palin got a job as a commentator in Fox news. Isn’t that astonishing? I was under the impression that most Americans got the notion that she is a muppet. We all remember her interview when she claimed to have experience in international politics based on Alaska being a neighbour to Russia. And as for her being conservative; that seems to be solely based on her hunting moose.

Where men can be men …

Good news everyone; the Supreme Court yesterday decided that the Portmarnock Golf Club can continue restricting full membership to men and all I can say is: Thank you judges. I am relieved.

Government prepares third Lisbon referendum

With the number of people in favour of the Lisbon treaty declining I am somewhat sure that our fearless leaders are preparing a third referendum already. It just doesn’t look like is if they would let this one go. I guess they don’t have much choice. As it stands there is only one way out […]

What’s the trouble?

These are difficult times and we need some cheering up. The economic situation is so miserable that I am sure we all are grateful for the amusing distractions politicians create these days. Bless them! They really try hard to make us think about something other than the economy. Their futile attempts to cheer us up […]