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Lanquin – Day 11

As I mentioned before the hostel was extremely cool. On a little hillside next to a river they built a few huts. Downstairs they are dorms but there is a loft that you can rent as well. I went for the latter. You had to climb a steep ladder to get up there. Easier said […]

Coban – Day 10

I arrived in Coban late in the afternoon. My first impression was rather good. The place was nothing I expected. This so called Imperial city send out exactly one message: I couldn’t care less about you! Coban in fact is a place where you get the feeling that it just doesn’t care about tourists. It’s […]

Day 9

Today was a travelling day. I woke up freezing and decided to hit the road. Since there was no way to get to Monterico I changed my mind again and went to Coban. It took all day so there is little to report other than: I like where I am. The lime stone formations in […]

Quetzaltenango – Day 8

When I woke up this morning I thought I had made a terrible mistake. I had spent the night in a noisy room that offered little comfort in the first place. I was woken up at around 4.30 because someone assumed I was part of their group that obviously wanted to climb Santa Maria. What […]

Meeting Maximon – Day 7

After I had made up my mind to leave Lake Atitlan and move on I wanted to do at least one more thing. Santiago Atitlan is one of the places to visit at Lake Atitlan and so I did. From what I heard there are some 35 evangelical temples in the village; I however was […]

Planing is everything

I found my volcano. I want to climb Mt. Santa Maria. It’s 3772 m high which admittedly is a lot. In 1902 it wiped out most of the population of Quetzaltenango and even more important gave birth to a new volcano Santiaguito which today is considered the most dangerous volcano in the world. It is […]

Traing Day – Day 5

I, formerly known as his Evilness Kristos the Graceless, so unfit that fat American tourists laugh at me, made a decision: I shall climb a volcano! Stop laughing, I’m serious! Lake Atitlan is everything I expected. It is breathtakingly beautiful, a natural wonder words can hardly describe. The lake – 1500 metres above sea level […]

Road Wars – Day 4

I think I mentioned that I didn’t particularly like Antigua. It may have to do with the fact hat whenever you want to do something there is someone holding up his hand and wants money. It’s ridiculous. I was looking forward to move on and especially since my next destination was the very reason why […]

Antigua – Day 3

Antigua is one of THE destinations in Guatemala. It’s the old colonial capital and quite pretty. Getting there from Guatemala City isn’t particularly difficult assuming you know where the bus stop is. I took a taxi from my hotel and it did turn out to be a good idea. I never would have found it. […]

Guatemala here I come – Day 2

Miami airport is a nightmare, it always has been and it always will be. With the time difference to Ireland I for once had no problem getting up early. Thank god for that. The airport in general and American Airlines check in in particular were packed. When I finally checked in I was old I […]

Take off – Day 1

The day started well. I wasn’t surprised. I had planned every little detail, I even collected a set of useful phrases in Spanish that – I knew – would come in handy sooner or later. I had collected all the information I could possibly need and printed it on a piece of paper. This piece […]

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