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The Pacific – Day 22

I am no pussy when it comes to waves, I almost drowned in at least two different oceans and I do consider myself if not the inventor than at least the intellectual father of the “art of body surfing” but this place was tough. The force of the waves was one thing but the undercurrents […]

Monterrico – Day 21

As I had anticipated I spent an uneventful night in Guatemala City. It took ages to find a working ATM and towards the end I was rather fed up. I don’t know who to blame for it, the Irish or the Guatemalan banks, but it really was a major pain in the hole to get […]

On the road again – Day 20

The evening in Livingston turned out rather interesting. As I probably mentioned I liked the place. It’s not exactly a little paradise but it certainly has something to it. I went for dinner to a little place down at the beach. My friend Pedro hat recommended it. Pedro was the guy that had picked me […]

Livingston – Day 19

The boat from Rio Dulce was not exactly cheap but the trip was actually worth it. They give you some kind of tour and stop when there is something interesting. Lago Izabal is quite pretty and there was a lot of wildlife to be seen on the way – mostly birds – and some picturesque […]

Rio Dulce – Day 18

I don’t know what is wrong with me. I was in a perfect place with really nice people and of all things in the world I had to leave and go to Rio Dulce. May be I really should see a shrink. This was suggested to me in the past and I start to believe […]

Finca Ixobel – Day 17

The moment I set foot in the little bar down by the pond I knew I would not leave after one night as I had planned. The Finca does a buffet style dinner all you can eat and it was very good. Since I had a very enjoyable dinner conversation with an old American couple […]

Poptun – Finca Ixobel – Day 16

I didn’t initially want to stop in Poptun but I heard from different sources that the Finca Ixobel really does worth a visit. My friend Amy had almost urged me to go there and she even named the exact tree house I should stay in. I was a tiny little bit suspicious though. Amy is […]

Rain Check – Day 15

I decided I need a day off. Travelling is fun but sometimes you also have to arrive and put your feet up. I don’t care what other people think of Flores. I like it. It is easy, has all the comforts a city slicker like me can ask for and most importantly: I was already […]

Tikal – Day 14

I went to Tikal today. It had to be done. What can I say; it was a perfect day. It was very hot and sunny, I saw loads of animals and interesting vegetation, I also scratched my brand new camera and lost my shades, met “the real Indian Jones” (A nutty American professor who fell […]

Flores – Day 13

Again I woke up with some indeterminable bite and this time in my face. I had enough. I hopped on to the bus to Flores. This was the one place I have been to before and last time I quite liked it. Some people might say it is expensive, touristy and uncool but I don’t […]

Semuc Champey – Day 12

Lanquin as a village is rather depressing. I certainly wouldn’t want to live there. I wouldn’t even want to walk around there but I had to. Plan for the day was to go to Semuc Champey and I didn’t want to go with a guided tour. I looked for the local bus and found it […]

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