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The Giant Panda Bao Bao is dead

The famous Giant Panda Bao Bao, long term resident and famous icon of Berlins zoological garden, is dead. He died today most likely of natural causes. Bao Bao arrived in Berlin in 1980. He came as as a present of the Chinese government. He quickly turned in to a darling of the public. Pandas are […]

Get the right gear to go travelling

Going travelling is a good excuse to go out and buy yourself a whole lot of new gear – suitable to the climate and terrain you’ll be visiting on your travels. If you’re going backpacking, you’ll want stuff that’s light and easy to carry.  Fortunately most of the clothing produced by outdoor brands like Craghoppers […]


Dubrovnik is everything I expected. It was probably here, on a day like this; a cruise ship anchoring in the port and a zombie army released to haunt the city, when Dante was first inspired to write the Divine Comedy. Strangely enough and without knowing I was sitting in a street named after him, when […]

Fancy a holiday that effectively pays for itself?

Thousands of people have caught onto the idea of travelling abroad for medical treatment, particularly dental work. With the high costs of private dental work in the UK and the difficulty of finding an NHS dentist accepting new patients, many people are looking further afield. And it’s one of the best European travel tips to […]

The Lake District – England’s playground

With so many people crammed onto this tiny Island it is easy to think there is nowhere left to escape the crowds. But thankfully, one of the England’s most beautiful locations – the Lake District – still offers the urban dweller a calming retreat. It is the largest National Park in the country, occupying 885 […]

Royal wedding puts London in the spotlight

The hype is almost up to football World Cup levels and no doubt by the big day itself lots of people will have had their fill of Royal Wedding excitement. London hotels will be full, campsites jam-packed and the pavements bulging with well wishers all keen to catch a glimpse of the happy couple. Even […]

Weather boosts domestic breaks

If you asked most people what the main thing was that holds them back from taking a break in the UK it would be the weather. As a small Island nation it has all the attributes required for a varied and enjoyable break, with miles of coastline, rolling countryside and fascinating cities all within easy […]

US introduces entry charges

From Wednesday, September the 8th 2010 travellers to the United States will have to pay a 14 Dollar fee to fill in their online registration. What does this mean? They are basically charging entry fees to go on to US soil. Ridiculous! Rather than looking into your face when ripping you off they charge an […]

Sarah Palin’s new job: Commentator in Fox News

I just received news that Sarah Palin got a job as a commentator in Fox news. Isn’t that astonishing? I was under the impression that most Americans got the notion that she is a muppet. We all remember her interview when she claimed to have experience in international politics based on Alaska being a neighbour to Russia. And as for her being conservative; that seems to be solely based on her hunting moose.

Yes we could!

I have been quiet for a while. For a good reason I might add. I was rather disappointed with the results of the Lisbon referendum. I had been looking forward to the excuses and long faces of our current government. I was curious what they’d come up with in order to justify a third referendum and why it went wrong and how this is so not their fault.

The biggest mystery of them all

I recently read an article about what the Brits believe is the biggest mysteries of the past 100 years. Guess what it is? And if you now said J.F.K., Roswell or what haggis is really made of you are all wrong. An astonishing 24 percent of Britain in fact wonder most about the true identity […]

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