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Ever heard of Evelyn Border?

Evelyn Border is 56 years old; a mother and grandmother. She has never been convicted, not even a parking ticket. She lives in the small town of Bedford in and this is where problems began. Bedford is in the US.

Afraid of flying?

I just read a really funny bit of news. Well it was funny for me. I seriously doubt that the people involved found it particularly amusing. Imagine this; you are on board an airplane that is flying at 30.000 feet. Suddenly a brawl breaks out. So far so bad. Suddenly you realise that the people […]

The best golfer of all times is: Kim Jong Il

This week North Korean dictator and infamous wacko Kim Jong Il announced that in his first ever round of golf he scored an astonishing 11 hole-in-ones. And we thought we heard it all. The news was published by the North Korean department of information which obviously means two things: A) Nothing of any and let […]

Snakes of Desire – the very best band ever; I mean really

A famous saying goes like this: There are 3 kinds of people in the world: the ones who can count and the ones who can’t! Well, I’d like to add: There are two other kinds of people in the world; people that know the Snakes of Desire and people who don’t. The Snakes are a […]

A prophet has no honour in his own country

There are a number of things I always wanted to say to someone but never had a chance to do so. I’ll give you an example. Imagine you end a conversation on: “Sir; you must easily be the most boring person I ever talked to.” Ideally the candidate would respond with: “Thank you sir; my […]

Favourite quotes

My favourite quote of all times is “I know nothing, I’m from Barcelona”. Ideally you should know it in several languages; Spanish for example because there it makes even less sense (Yo no se nada, soy de Barcelona). The original quote is from the TV show Fawlty towers although I picked it up from a […]